Our Vision

Local communities have struggled over the past decade as independent, locally owned businesses have suffered the growth of malls, box stores, chains, and ecommerce. These small business owners have seen foot traffic fall off as people’s shopping habits migrated out of downtown. The impact of this change goes beyond simple economics. Historically, communities have centered around a local businesses district, providing the character of the community and a central area for people to connect with their neighbors. Without a thriving downtown, this sense of interconnectedness and mutual support diminishes and dies.

Cinch’s mission is to create vibrant communities where people experience a sense of connection and mutual purpose by strengthening the relationships between local business, consumers, and their community. Our first step is Cinch Mobile Wallet.

Cinch Mobile Wallet encourages consumers to shop local, giving them the dual benefits of saving money and helping their community. When consumers shop with Cinch, local businesses benefit with increased sales and loyalty. In turn, more money circulates within the community to support local schools, roads, emergency services, and more. In addition, Cinch gives back a portion of all local proceeds to local causes, ensuring once again that money you spend with Cinch benefits your community.

Cinch makes it easy to shop local and strengthen your community. Just pay with Cinch, and we’ll do the rest.


Maya Komerov
Co-Founder & CEO

Former CEO & co-founder of Blat Lapidot, the leading Salesforce.com platinum partner in Israel and emerging EMEA markets, that led the Cloud Computing & CRM revolution in Israel


Marc Liebmann
Co-Founder & CRO

Former US President of ironSource. Served as SVP business & account development of IAC/Ask.com


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